Hero Capture and Defense

Five towns of Atria are in a constant state of war; their militias engage in a seemingly never-ending battle attempting to strike a blow at the morale of their opposition by capturing the figureheads and heroes of towns.

Within each city resides a town hero. Each city has a militia building that leads to a teleporter which links to their town’s hero stronghold area. This hero may be kidnapped and captured by opposing towns if they are able to break down the doors protecting the hero. This is also the area in which their own captured heroes from other towns will be held and guarded.

It in a sense is a “King of the Hill” system with “Capture the Flag” elements — in order to capture the hero you must first physically destroy the doors to their safe room in the hero stronghold while defenders try to resist your attack.

A ranger in the Arbor militia entering into Vermell‘s stronghold building.

  • Once a player is in the militia they are able to enter and attack any opposing town’s militia stronghold to capture an opposing here.

Arbor militia after a successful defense of their hero.

The hero’s door must be broken by the opposing militia before the hero can be captured.

  • Only after destroying the doors will the hero be able to be captured.
  • Players must then escort the captured hero as your town militia’s prisoner and secure them within a cell in your own hero stronghold.
  • While escorted the hero will only follow the player that has captured him.
  • If that player is killed or leaves any militia member may claim the hero to follow them.
  • If no one claims the hero for a small period of time they will escape back to their own stronghold.
  • If the hero is not placed into a prison cell within 30 minutes of their initial capture they will also escape back to their own stronghold.

Lillano militia destroying Arbor‘s doors to capture the hero.

After the door has been destroyed a player may capture the hero and must run them back to their own militia stronghold.

Arbor militia returning home with Vermell‘s hero captured.

Arbor with a captured hero.

  • Heroes may be captured or rescued from opposing towns by a similar mechanic. The barred metal jail cell door in which captured heroes are held can be destroyed by players to rescue the hero and return them to their home militia stronghold.

Bonuses for capturing a hero:

  • Militia members receive an additional 10% gold while killing monsters per hero captured.
  • Players in the hero stronghold area upon capturing an opposing town’s hero will receive silver.

Note: Stronghold prisons may only hold two heroes at a time.