In the world of Atria lies a small island called Vorshun. An old city lays in ruins due to the constant warfare raged upon it from all five warring militias. Periodically the treacherous waters that surround the island calm enough; this is when the world wars inevitably begin as each militia sends a regiment to attempt to secure the city. The township that controls Vorshun receives a blessing to their city.

Joining the war:

  • Players must be a citizen to participate.
  • No equipment is required; your city shall provide you armor and arms for the war.
  • No player skill is required, you will be trained on location; you may set your skills temporarily for the purpose of this war.
  • A portal will open in your town’s stronghold area for the duration of the Vorshun Wars. It will remain open so long as the war is still going on.
  • [nextworldwars will allow you to see when the next Vorshun World Wars will run at any time.
  • The gates to the Vorshun World Wars are contained within your militia‘s stronghold region. Take the teleporter in your town’s to access the militia stronghold.
  • Any player in one of the five warring citizenships may cross this portal and they will be taken to a staging area ship. This ship has both a banker and an ankh to resurrect at.
  • Walking the plank to the north will take you to Vorshun; walking off the south plank will take you back to your town.

Vorshun Points

Winning the war:

On Vorshun there are 8 capture points. Each militia has an anchor capture point that they will port into but still may be captured by any other militia.

  • These five initial flags are worth 1 point per minute each.
  • Two intermediary flags sit in the central west and eastern flanks of the island; these are both worth 2 points per minute.
  • Finally, in the center of the island sits a central flag worth 3 points per minute it is captured.

To capture a flag you must attack the raised flag until it is destroyed.
This will trigger a switch to pop up at the base of the flag.
Simply double click this switch and claim it for your militia.

When you first capture the flag it will be at 50% health for 60 seconds; protect your flag in this weakened stage.
After these 60 seconds pass, if the flag hasn’t been taken back down, it will return to full health.

Each minute that passes all flag totals are counted and added to the total score.
The militia that accrues the most points by the end of the wars will win.

  • You may use the command [wwmap at any time during the war to pull up a minimap that will display to you which town currently controls each flag.