In addition to Ultima Online’s traditional houses, we have a large number of new custom houses for players to choose from.

  • All house placement on Rel Por is done utilizing a house placement tool which can be purchased from architects in town.
  • When you demolish your house, you receive percentage of the home’s original price back into your bank account.
  • Houses collapse after 45 days without use.

This is in addition to Ultima Online’s original housing options, which still exist on Rel Por.

  • Classical Era:


Wooden house.jpg

Wooden House

Field stone house.jpg

Field Stone House

Small brick house.jpg

Small Brick House

Stone and plaster house.jpg

Stone and Plaster House

Thatched-roof cottage.jpg

Thatched-Roof Cottage

Wood and plaster house.jpg

Wood and Plaster House

Brick house.jpg

Brick House

Large house with patio.jpg

Large House with Patio

Two-story stone and plaster house.jpg

Two-Story Stone and Plaster House

Two-story wood and plaster house.jpg

Two-Story Wood and Plaster House

  • Renaissance Era:


Small stone workshop.jpg

Small Stone Workshop

Small marble workshop.jpg

Small Marble Workshop

Small stone tower.jpg

Small Stone Tower

Sandstone house with patio.jpg

Sandstone House with Patio

Two-story log cabin.jpg

Two-Story Log Cabin

Two-story villa.jpg

Two-Story Villa