Arbor‘s History

Deep within the woods to the north-east of Galven lies Arbor, an oasis of civilization within acres of dense trees. The citizens of Arbor are natural survivalists who hunt wild animals and frequently venture into the surrounding forest for building materials and firewood. Although not hostile to outsiders, Arborians tend to be wary of new influences and are rarely impressed by cunning technology or magic spells.

Daily life in Arbor is quiet and peaceful. With little need to venture outside of the woods the citizens tend to prefer a solitary lifestyle, taking to activities such as woodcarving to pass the time. Although they do not usually to trouble themselves with events in the outside world, recent surges in log-cutting, bandit attacks and poaching have left some citizens wondering whether it is time to consider a more aggressive approach to defending their home.


Arbor‘s Hero

Tomas is Arbor’s chief ranger, having inherited the role from his recently retired father. The chief ranger is responsible for scouting the forests around the town, keeping an eye out for dangerous wildlife, bush fires and bandit activity. Tomas advises Arbor’s citizens on matters such as where to gather firewood and which routes to take to the main road. His knowledge of the surrounding woods is matched by nobody, and the town relies on his guidance. If he were to go missing, the forests around Arbor would suddenly become a far more dangerous place for the town’s citizens.