Calor‘s History

The seaport of Calor sits upon the cape of Atria’s mainland to the far south of Galven. Its citizens hail from all over the globe, arriving by ship to make themselves at home behind the city’s sandstone walls. Calor is a melting pot of different cultures, with many languages being spoken on the streets and in the taverns.

The merchants of Calor are renowned throughout Atria for their collections of rare artifacts, fine art and exotic spices, although citizens of neighboring communities privately express misgivings about the town’s inhabitants and their refusal to fully integrate into Atrian culture. Frequent outbreaks of violence and hostility provoked by Atrian mainlanders have left the Calori citizens feeling isolated and paranoid, with some deciding to use whatever tactics are necessary to defend their town and secure their place on Atria‘s soil.

Calor‘s Hero

Kalika was the captain of the first fleet to navigate across the ocean, and she established the first permanent settlement in the location that would become known as Calor. News of her safe arrival prompted more explorers to set out and see what the new world had to offer. The new settlement boomed thanks to the trade routes it had opened up, and under the careful eye of Kalika, Calor became a thriving town to rival any in Atria. Her continued presence is a stabilizing force in Calor’s chaotic climate, without her the town would likely succumb to lawlessness and disarray.