Lillano‘s History

The picturesque town of Lillano lies east of Galven, perched atop a small gathering of islands which are linked by bridge to the mainland. Surrounded by natural beauty, Lillano is considered to be a cultural capital and is home to painters, poets, musicians, architects and all manner of artistic individuals. The town’s abundant sculptures and gardens attract tourists who travel from all corners of Atria to see the town for themselves.

Lillano also boasts a longstanding academic tradition and the town’s university is home to some of Atria’s most well-regarded scholars and researchers. Many contributions to the field of magic have come from the Lillano’s libraries and lecture halls. This has not gone unnoticed by leaders of the other towns and are those who wonder whether Lillano’s continued advancement in the arcane arts betrays a more sinister purpose.

Lillano’s Hero

Sir Ferrin is a noted architect, musician and painter. Although not originally from Lillano, he set up a studio in the town after having a number of his works purchased for display there by wealthy citizens and patrons of the arts. Ferrin can be credited with Lillano’s unique architectural style, having supervised the town’s rebuilding following a catastrophic fire some years earlier. Without his presence the town would be robbed of a living master and lose the cultural guidance it has built its reputation around.