Galven sits at the center of the mainland with the five towns at war radiating around it. It is the center of commerce and power in Rel Por. Galven maintains a strong presence all over the world of Atria. The Galven Guard assumes relentless watch over the more dangerous areas in the land such as the dungeons and caverns. Frequently they shall request help of Atria citizens when the burden becomes overwhelming.

Galven is the oldest and largest city in the world. It has historically remained independent from the affairs and wars of the rest of the world. This convenience is afforded to it due to the abundance of natural resources in their lands and surrounding area as well as their strong military presence. They offer little support to no support to other towns of the world but ask for nothing in return. They maintain their isolation and distance from the surrounding cities partially in fear, largely out of indifference.

Albus and Bowan

Aside from Galven, two small neutral towns have propped up in the world. They manage to avoid the conflict within Atria largely due to having very little resources and value in the world but their citizens are content.

Albus may be reached by boat; there is a boat that regularly makes this journey from the dock camp on the northern most tip of Atria, north of Pedran.

Albus sits upon an island covered in frost and snow that few people can endure but their people find it more than hospitable. They’ve adapted to the environment and prosper removed from the conflict on the mainland.

Bowan is just a short distance from Calor to the West. Bowan, at one point seemingly having the potential to develop into a strong trade community was quickly displaced by the traders and inhabitants of the much more reknowned city of Calor.

They now manage as a small fishing town and have adopted a policy of isolationism from the rest of Atria. The only citizens of Bowan one tends to see outside of the local region are their occasional missionaries.