Pedran‘s History

The last outpost of civilization in Atria‘s harsh Northern lands is Pedran. Nestled within a valley, the town’s rugged stone buildings hold warm fires and comfortable beds for the miners who toil away at the nearby rock faces. For generations the local economy has revolved around gathering and working with rich seams of ore which are found across the mountainous region, although diminishing yields in recent years have cast doubts over the town’s future.

Pedran is regarded for its resilient warriors in addition to its skilled blacksmiths. Children begin combat training at an early age and learn to craft their own weapons from iron that they have mined. Self-reliance is an important part of life in Pedran as the town is isolated from most of Atria by dense forests filled with wild animals and vicious bandits. The citizens are no strangers to threats from outside and will fight with determination to protect their way of life.

Pedran‘s Hero

Troen has been mentoring and training warriors for over four decades. A master of hand-to-hand combat, Troen is personally responsible for developing many of the fighting styles which make Pedran’s fighters a terrifying enemy to encounter on the battlefield. Although his body is growing weaker with age, his mind is still sharp and he continues to advise the town’s military leaders in matters of strategy. Pedran cannot afford to lose his tactical ability nor his skill as a trainer if they are to survive during these turbulent times.