Vermell‘s History

Over the mountains to the south-east of Galven is the market town of Vermell. The town’s crafters exploit the abundance of nearby natural resources and create all manner of items to be exported for sale. Vermellian goods can be found in the stores of every town in Atria.

The town has undergone significant renovation work in recent years. Wooden huts and canvas tents have been demolished to make way for fine brick buildings and halls of stone, leaving almost no evidence of the town’s beginnings as a humble fishing community. Vermell’s workshops and factories have also attracted a population of laborers hoping to find employment and a community of itinerant workers is now a permanent presence outside the town walls. Work is not always available, but the town’s well-funded militia will pay a decent wage to any able bodied soul who can grab a weapon and defend Vermell against its enemies.

Vermell‘s Hero

If you want to do business in Vermell then it pays to know the name “Ambis.” He is not the richest merchant in town, nor the most popular, but he has an uncanny ability to anticipate what people need and sell it for the right price. Ambis is the son of a local fisherman, as a child he started his first business repairing nets at the dockside. His ascent from rags to riches is considered to be a perfect example of the opportunities Vermell can offer. If he were to go missing it would be disastrous for both the town’s morale and the local economy.